White Family [Colorado]


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This is my insanely gorgeous sister and her insanely gorgeous family. I don’t have the chance to shoot family portraits in snow all too often, I forget how beautiful a canvas it is. We could haven’t asked for a better night. Talk about a dreamy sunset! We drove up into the mountains and found the perfect spot to pull off the road. I will forever be a Georgian, but I think making a yearly trek to Colorado is a must. I love you sister!

Tolbert Family


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Oh hello beautiful people! This was a blast. Nothing beats turning on music and dancing in the kitchen. I love photographing my friends. I also love photographing my friends that are also insanely talented photographers because they just get it. They know where the good light is, they know how to get their kids to laugh, they know to relax because stress shows in pictures. So thank you Dana for being just amazing and having a beautiful family, and being my friend.

Emmy Cake Smash


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Do they make babies much cuter than this? I submit that they do not. Emmy is one happy girl if you can’t tell. She was hands down one of my easiest clients ever. There was seriously not a shot where she wasn’t smiling and happy. Until of course the cake was placed in front of her, then she got down to serious business. Happy first birthday Emmy!

Emily Senior Portraits


atlsenior-02 atlsenior-03 atlsenior-04 atlsenior-05 atlsenior-06 atlsenior-07 atlsenior-08 atlsenior-09

How insanely gorgeous is this girl? The real kicker? She’s as insanely beautiful inside as she is out. Fun fact: she was my 5 year old son’s very first crush. He would bring his camera to church and ask me to take pictures of them together. So much love for this girl and I will be so sad to see her graduate and go off to college.

Markham Family


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Can you tell how much fun this shoot was? This family knows how to party through family photos! Loved every second.