Palfreeman Family


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Meet some of my favorite people. I love these boys and I’m so glad they added another little man to their clan. Welcome to the world baby Drew! You’re loved far more than you could ever know.

Willis Family


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Aaron & Shelby [GA Wedding]


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So honored to have been invited to be a party of this beautiful wedding in all it’s glory! If there are a few things I hope you can see in these photos it’s that this couple loves to laugh together, the love with which they look at one another, and the happiness that enveloped the entire venue just by them being there. The weather was perfect. And don’t get me wrong, it rained, but somehow that made this wedding even more romantic, even more beautiful. Oh and I can’t fail to mention that last sequence of photos… Aaron had kept the destination of their honeymoon a secret until it was announced that they were heading to Maui. Those pictures are her priceless reaction. So much love for these two!

Tanner & Kelsey : Surprise Proposal


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Guys, this was the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of. Tanner contacted me a couple months ago to see if I’d be interested in photographing his proposal. The catch: his plan involved hiding in plain sight, aka acting. I was so nervous I’d screw it up or give it away but things went unreal smoothly. I’m talking Oscar’s all around. Kelsey was so surprised and they were so completely adorable together. Their friends that helped plan this whole thing starting 215 days ago were there to celebrate with them popping out for their hiding places after the proposal. #friendshipgoals Loved every second of being a part of this!

Ryder’s Second Birthday.

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Dear Ryder,

There are so many things I want to tell you on your second birthday. I love and adore your silliness. You love to make people laugh and get such a kick out of being called silly. You love music and dancing. I often look in the rear view mirror of the car and see you head bobbin and hand bouncing with your little pointer finger up. You love sports, dogs, and mommy. You wake up every morning asking for cake. You smile with your whole body and it lights up my heart. You talk incessantly. I sometimes think there’s this unspoken competition between you and you brother to see who can fill the most silence with the sound of your voice. And I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love you so much my little toddler. Let’s slow down time a little ok?

Love, Mom.