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Chris & Allison [CT Wedding]

This wedding was absolutely beautiful. Every detail was flawless. The bride was so lovely and classy. She looked like a disney princess. The love between them was undeniable, you could see it in their eyes when they’d look at each other, makes my job so much easier. They were married at St. Joseph’s church in […]


Jen Lake – Maternity (Baby #2)

This is my gorgeous sister. It’s almost not even real life, who looks this good 2 days before delivering a baby? Yes, 2 days! How did I not get those genes?  

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Caiden August [Personal]

Just had to share this shot I took of my sweet little man at 15 months old. I can’t believe how quickly he grows. I feel like just yesterday I was posing him on that skateboard as a newborn. Before I know it he’ll be riding off on it. I’m cherishing each second I have […]