Ryder’s Second Birthday.

Ryder’s Second Birthday.

Dear Ryder, There are so many things I want to tell you on your second birthday. I love and adore your silliness. You love to make people laugh and get such a kick out of being called silly. You love music and dancing. I often look in the rear view mirror of the car and […]

Caiden Turns 5.

Caiden Turns 5.

Dear Caiden- It seems like just minutes ago I held you in my arms, fresh from heaven. I can’t believe you turn five today. Being your mom has been a pleasure, a privilege, and a blessing. I hope you feel how loved you are. You have brought more joy, laughter, whining, frustration, love, and silliness into […]


Rilee White – 2.5 years

  This right here is my adorable niece Rilee. She is as sweet as she is spunky and absolutely hilarious. She knows it too, once she’s got you laughing she’ll do anything to keep you laughing. My gorgeous sister Nikki hopped in for a few mother/daughter shots as well. My only qualm with these pretty […]

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Caiden Heidorn – 3 Years Old [Personal]

This shoot is a bit personal for me. You see, that’s my big 3 year old boy and this is his birthday shoot. When Where the Wild Things Are came out on DVD I was ecstatic and bought it. That movie was one of the most artistically well done movies I have ever seen. The lighting itself is an […]


Jen Lake – Maternity (Baby #2)

This is my gorgeous sister. It’s almost not even real life, who looks this good 2 days before delivering a baby? Yes, 2 days! How did I not get those genes?  

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Caiden August [Personal]

Just had to share this shot I took of my sweet little man at 15 months old. I can’t believe how quickly he grows. I feel like just yesterday I was posing him on that skateboard as a newborn. Before I know it he’ll be riding off on it. I’m cherishing each second I have […]