Pat & Beth [CT Wedding]


Pat&Beth-01 Pat&Beth-02 Pat&Beth-03 Pat&Beth-04 Pat&Beth-05 Pat&Beth-06 Pat&Beth-07 Pat&Beth-08 Pat&Beth-09 Pat&Beth-10 Pat&Beth-11 Pat&Beth-12 Pat&Beth-13 weddingpartyPat&Beth-14 Pat&Beth-15 Pat&Beth-16 Pat&Beth-17 Pat&Beth-18 Pat&Beth-19 Pat&Beth-20 Pat&Beth-21 Pat&Beth-22 Pat&Beth-23 Pat&Beth-24 Pat&Beth-25 Pat&Beth-26 Pat&Beth-27 Pat&Beth-28 Pat&Beth-29 Pat&Beth-30 Pat&Beth-32 Pat&Beth-33 Pat&Beth-34 Pat&Beth-35 Pat&Beth-36 Pat&Beth-37 Pat&Beth-38 Pat&Beth-39 Pat&Beth-40 Pat&Beth-41 Pat&Beth-42 Pat&Beth-43 Pat&Beth-44 Pat&Beth-45 Pat&Beth-46 Pat&Beth-47 Pat&Beth-48 Pat&Beth-49

From here on out when I think of the perfect summer wedding I will think of this one. The weather was lovely, the bridesmaids were the most well coordinate I’ve ever seen, both the bride and groom were so calm and stress free, the venue was beautiful… every detail was so well planned out. And to top it off these two were high school sweethearts which, to me, is just the epitome of the cutest thing ever. I am so happy for you Beth and Pat! With the overwhelming support of your friend and family that was so apparent and the love you have for each other I se nothing but happiness ahead.

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